Thursday, May 30

«The macho turned 86!» Let’s take a look at Adriano Celentano’s archive photos and recall what a heartthrob he was

No wonder women worldwide dreamed of him and men were jealous! 🫣💘After these old photos of Celentano, you all will fall in love with him again! 🫠🤫See the actor’s before-after photos in this article! 👇👇👇

No one would deny that Celentano used to be among the most desirable, successful and acclaimed singers, actors and directors who stole millions of hearts with his unrealistic attractiveness and incomparable charm.


Not only his handsomeness, but also sound sense of humor and character made women worldwide dream of him. He used to enjoy his popularity among thousands of females who viewed him as a great example of a perfect husband and career man.


He started his drizzling career as a member of the Itallian rock and roll group called Rock Boys in the early 1950s already showing his enthusiasm and captivating energy. What concerns acting, he made his debut in the late 1950s.


His appearance has undergone noticeable changes over years, yet he still remained as the macho who could win the heart of any woman and get any film role he would want.

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