Monday, July 22

«She only has eyes for young guys!» Madonna sparked controversy over her new young boyfriend

«At 64, she managed to win the heart of a 29-year-old guy!»👵👨It’s impossible to hide the fact that Madonna is already quite old for this young guy💘😵Look at the photos together here⬇️⬇️⬇️

When it became known that Madonna had broken up with her 23-year-old boyfriend, everyone began to discuss them. They broke up before the Grammy ceremony, and then everyone began to discuss their changed face.

According to insiders, there was no serious relationship between Madonna and her young partner. They even parted very calmly without any unnecessary scandals. But it seems Madonna could not remain lonely and her heart is occupied again.

Madonna began dating 29-year-old boxing trainer Josh Popper. However, he is 25 years younger than her. Madonna met him because one of her children trains with this coach. Photos of them together appeared on the Internet. When Madonna’s fans found out that he was training Madonna’s children, they calmed down, thinking that their relationship was not love.

Internet users are now eagerly awaiting new news regarding their relationship. In recent times, she has faced criticism.