Monday, July 22

“No one can stay indifferent towards her charm”: Here is the adorable daughter of Zeta Jones and Douglas

The heiress of Zeta Jones and Douglas surpassed her parents in beauty

It is worth mentioning that the iconic and legendary spouses have been happily married for already two decades and the 25 years age gap between them, however, didn’t prevent them from being together. The well-known spouses currently raise their two heirs.

The charming daughter of Douglas and Jones is already 19 and has become an unearthly beauty. It should be noted that Carys has recently graduated from a school and now she widely travels the world and is actively engaged in sports.

It is relevant to mention that her parents don’t want their heirs to be engaged in the sphere of show business, instead, to choose other professions. Everyone who saw these heartwarming family photos immediately came into delight.

“It is great that their children don’t follow their parents’ career steps”, “What wonderful genes”, “She could have become a successful model”, “What an unearthly beauty”, “She possesses absolutely flawless appearance”.

How did you like their daughter Carys?