Thursday, May 30

«It’s already unpleasant to look at her!» Goldie Hawn’s random photos with her husband caused mixed reactions

«Pigment body and saggy skin! All these are about Hawn!»🤢Goldie and her husband didn’t suspect that they would be captured in a shameful way😱😬Just see them in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you don’t know yet, then we hasten to tell you that Goldie Hawn’s romantic relationship with Kurt Russell was missed. They met on the set of a film in 1966. Hawn married twice, but everything changed after they met.

The couple’s appearance and lifestyle have always attracted the attention of all Internet users. Recently, photos of Goldie and her husband while on a romantic walk appeared on the Internet.

«What a happy couple!», «How beautiful they are!», «This is how true love should be!»,

«One of the strongest couples in Hollywood!», «She has become unrecognizable!», «Age has already changed her completely», Internet users wrote.