Monday, July 22

Instead of throwing 1970s’ miserable commodes away, a couple turned them into stylish pieces of furniture

Some will throw this away, some will make a masterpiece out of this! 😉👏 A couple showed what they did to these two commodes and blew up the network! 🤯🧐See the before-after photos in this article! 👇👇👇

Repairing old furniture is not only a great way to significantly contribute to the recycling, but also it offers an artistic approach which can be found far not in everyone. Today’s couple gave an amazing transformation to their 70s’ commodes and blew up the network.

They both underwent a thorough transformation where the high-gloss varnish was removed from the surface, chips and imperfections were repaired. The surface was coated with chalk furniture paint, finishing the process with a matte varnish.

One of them was adorned with white patterns and was given a minimalistic look, while the other one underwent a more abstract transformation. They both are now designed in an interesting way.