Thursday, May 30

Grandmother can’t imagine a better surprise than entering her old house newly-renovated by her grandchildren

It has been many years since the grandmother’s house hasn’t been renovated remaining the same old and miserable place the condition of which left a lot to be desired. Today’s heroes became grandkids who decided to surprise their precious grandmother with the best gift.

The wallpaper is faded, there is nothing for the eye to cling to. And you can’t look at the floor, made to look like wood, without tears.

The widowed grandmother could not financially or physically carry out the transformation of the kitchen.


The free space was correctly distributed so that there were no visual voids. The upper shelves are also illuminated, which adds coziness.

The apron was made of white brick tiles. The lower part of the set is in black and gray colors. Built-in oven with induction hob, refrigerator, microwave at a convenient level.


Instead of the old table, they decided to put a new, round, white one, and two interestingly designed chairs. To make it light, they hung a charming chandelier with several light bulbs.

It might seem that she may not like the predominance of dark shades, but everything looks so harmonious and stylish that everything looks fantastic.