Tuesday, May 28

«Who said grannies can’t be attractive?» The rare appearance of Collins at the book launch party sparked reaction

Collins shows that even at 90 a woman can look amazing! 😳😍 She became the queen during the party and captivated everyone there! 🤫🫠 See the exclusive footage in this article! 👇👇👇

Here is Dame Joan Collins’s appearance at her book launch event deserves our special attention. She gave her preference to a sophisticated black ensemble and exquisite jewelry which drew everyone’s special attention there.

Everyone there sincerely admired the 90-year-old beauty. Her incomparable glamour and charisma didn’t go unnoticed. As she hit the network with an exclusive photo with his husband Percy Gilson, she received high praise for her timeless beauty.

She often shares her insights about her drizzling career, family and life choices. Best-remembered for her work ethic, she has stayed busy with a star-stubbed book launch event.

Even now, she encourages millions to never give up, always show resilience and strong will-power.