Tuesday, June 18

Tish Cyrus husband Dominic Purcell was reportedly dating her daughter before she ‘swooped in’

The relationship between a mother and daughter is incredibly special. Of course, there can be times when things are not great and it seems like this is one of those times for Tish Cyrus and her daughter.

Rumors have sprung up that she ‘stole’ her husband, Dominic Purcell, from her own offspring… Keep reading to learn more.

56-year-old Tish Cyrus is being accused of stealing her own daughter’s boyfriend. The boyfriend in question is her current husband, 54-year-old Dominic Purcell. Purcell, who is an actor best known for his role on the show Prison Break seems to be keeping quiet about this entire issue and was recently spotted heading out to sea with his board.

The rumor that has been going around and made its way to headlines is that Purcell was dating Tish’s younger daughter, 24-year-old Noah, before she ‘swooped in’ and took him for herself.


The reports are a little concerning since they concern a mother and daughter displaying interest in the same man. A claim came about that Noah had been with Dominic first before her mother, Tish, began to message him on social media, allegedly vying for his attention.

While the timeline is not clear, it seems that there was an overlap that might have happened which might explain why the mother and daughter are seemingly estranged. Noah famously did not attend her mother’s wedding to Purcell even though she had been in the same city.

No one in the family, including Tish and Noah, has commented on these claims. Tish, who is also mother to popstar Miley Cyrus, was spotted out with her husband, Dominic Purcell, earlier this week for lunch in L.A. both of them were in separate vehicles, ignoring questions from the media.


The Cyrus family has been going through a tough time as it seems everyone has ‘chosen sides.’ The fracture perhaps came after Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus divorced. While Miley seems to be on her mother’s side, it seems Noah is closer to her father now.

This alleged news might cast a better light on why the family seems so divided and why some of Tish’s children decided to skip her wedding.