Monday, July 22

«The world is not without kind people!» The act of this millionaire made him a hero in the eyes of millions

Millionaire makes tiny houses for the homeless and provides them with jobs! 😮👏His contribution to reducing the homelessness in his town earned respect! 💪😇 For details – see the article! 👇👇👇

No one would deny that homelessness is a major issue in each and every country. Some have a law rate, some have a high rate, but there is no place where there is no such thing as homelessness. Today’s story is about one generous Canadian entrepreneur.


His bigheartedness has made him a hero in the eyes of millions worldwide. The millionaire invested 4 million dollars for building around 100 tiny house for those who are in need.


Interestingly enough, they not only provide them with houses, but also with jobs enabling them to start their life from a new chapter. They are not just shelters. They all have all-furnished rooms and provide with everything needed.

He is truly a hero, isn’t he?