Monday, July 22

“The most handsome guy in Hollywood”. Elizabeth Hurley’s son amazed everyone

57 years old English actress Elizabeth made a splash with her appearance. Her talent, smile, shapes and forms, her style and accent drives everyone crazy.

But in private life there is no any goals for many years.

Yes, she had a long time relationship with Hugh Grant, but this actor for that time prefered a life of a bachelor.

But the actress and model dreamed about a child. When it comes the time to choose, she decided to break up with Grant and find someone else, who want a child too.

Unfortunately, actress’ new boyfriend did not accept the fact of her pregnancy and Elizabeth fallen into deep depression.

Hugh Grant her old and gold friend helped her and she survived.

Today his son is already a 18 years
old model.

Everyone thinks that he will probably achieve many highs and tops.

“absolutely perfect!”, “what a look!”, “what a handsome guy he turns!”, “son like mother!”, “Hollywood’s handsome youngster”. Such kind of comments we had found below this star mother and son photos.