Tuesday, May 28

«Photos that were archived for years!» The Princess’s brother shares exclusive photos no one had seen before

Charles Spencer breaks the silence and shares a rare archive photo of his late sister! 💔😢 Lady Di’s brother stormed the network with exclusive photos of their mother and the princess which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The exclusive photos shared by Charles Spencer featuring his sister and their mother let no single one stay indifferent. Lady Di and Frances Shand Kydd were portrayed there which, of course, could hardly escape anyone’s close attention.


This post was dedicated to his mother’s 88th birthday. He never misses a chance to express his excitement about the uncanny resemblance between Diana and their mother. Charles also marks their incomparable femininity and kindheartedness.

It took him years to get candid and open about losing his sister in an exclusive interview. He also wrote a eulogy and read it while he saw hissister laying in her coffin. This provided him with a sense of approval and peace.