Monday, July 22

Orange peel skin and wrinkled knees!: 77-year-old Goldie Hawn’s half-naked body caused mixed reactions

Goldie Hawn forgot how old she was and appeared in a bodysuit! 😱😳 Her noticeably aged appearance came as a disappointment for the fans! 😧😡

Believe it or not, Goldie Hawn is already 77. Her most recent appearance in this bodysuit on the beach disappointed some of her loyal fans and supporters. People didn’t expect to see her wrinkled skin and loss of elasticity.

The fact that she proudly showcased her half-naked body in front of hundreds of people quickly made a splash. People kept claiming that she was too old for such outfits.

The fans of the famous actress rushed to protect her explaining that as a 77-year-old woman she looked simply fantastic.

«Orange peel skin and numerous wrinkles!», «Far not all 77-year-olds look this good!», «What is she trying to show off? What a shame!», «Women your age enjoy their time around their grandchildren!