Wednesday, May 29

Mom Hands Newborn Baby to Firefighter & Walks Away, 8 Months Later the Child Visits Him Again

When a firefighter heard the doorbell ring at their station, he found a mother with a newborn baby in her arms. He took the child without asking any questions, and a few months later, he saw the infant again.

When Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Daryll Milliot locked eyes with a woman standing outside their fire station in 2015; he knew why she was there.

She was holding a baby, and the officer presumed she was there for a safe surrender—he was right. The Safe Surrender Law allowed her an opportunity to give up the newborn without criminal charges or questions.

Firefighter who received a baby at their Safe Surrender Site | Source: Los Angeles

She Struggled to Let Go

The anonymous woman handed the baby over to Milliot but letting go of her child was not easy. Milliot shared: “When she physically went to give Naomi to me, there was a moment where she had a difficult time doing it.”

Per the officer, the young mother wanted a few more moments to hold her baby. The child was then taken to the hospital, where she was ruled healthy and ready to find a home.

She Found a Loving Home

The infant, later named Naomi, was placed with two loving parents who were thrilled to adopt her. Krysten and Kurt Snyder saw the little girl as a blessing and a gift in their family.

Krysten said:

“Such a fullness and so much joy that you have in your heart that I’m going to take this baby home and this is going to be our baby.”

The Mother Was Selfless

Krysten revealed that she would be open with her child about the adoption and her birth mother’s bravery. She viewed the woman’s actions as selfless because she sacrificed her baby so the infant could have a better life.

The firefighters who received Naomi at the department remained involved in her development. They saw her again when she was eight months old, and it was a heartwarming moment for them.

The Firemen in Her Life

They were thrilled to hear that she was adopted and attended her adoption ceremony. Firefighter Michael De Leon expressed: “It’s just really special. I tell everybody that asks me about it. It’s one of the highlights of my career.”

Krysten is excited to tell her daughter that she “was rescued by heroic firefighters” when she is older. The family is grateful to have been blessed with Naomi and have adopted another child.

Parents with the children they adopted | Source: Los Angeles

Another Baby Was Abandoned

Baby Naomi was given up in a way that ensured her safety. Thanks to the safe surrender, firefighters ensured she was taken care of. However, not all mothers know about this option and abandon their newborns outside.

Roxy Lane found an infant inside a cardboard box outside her home in 2021. She was shocked that someone could abandon their child and encouraged others to follow safer options. Thankfully she found the baby and ensured he was taken care of.

Mothers give up their babies for various reasons. The safe surrender option protects them in the eyes of the law but also looks after the newborns who are at risk when dropped on a stranger’s doorstep. Hopefully, more women who cannot care for their babies will use this option in the future.