Monday, July 22

Michael Jackson’s Daughter, 25, Is the ‘Absolute Spitting Image’ of Dad Posing in Cutout Dress at the Grammys

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, walked the Grammy’s red carpet in a stunning black dress with no tattoos showing. Many onlookers flocked to share their thoughts on social media, weighing in on which parent she looked like.

Paris Jackson looked absolutely gorgeous during her appearance at this year’s Grammys. Still, more than her breathtaking looks, many noticed her strong resemblance to her parents and covered tattoos.

Dressed in a black strapless dress with cutout detail that exposed her core and a thigh-high slit, Paris wowed those who saw her look. Photos of her were shared online, attracting onlookers to share their thoughts about Paris’ resemblance to her famous parents.

“I can see [Michael] in her as well as in Prince and Biggie Aka Blanket,” a social media user highlighted. “Wow, she’s an absolute spitting image of her father.” a second agreed, “Looks just like Michael Jackson, Crazy,” a third noted. Meanwhile, another believed she looked more like her mother, writing, “Looks like her mom.” One also claimed, “She doesn’t look like MJ.”

Many others also praised Paris’ looks, claiming she was the “best she has ever looked!” Another commented, “What a beauty!” “She looks absolutely stunning without her tattoos!!!! Didn’t even recognize her,” a third noticed.

Paris walked the red carpet with no tattoos shown, but in reality, Michael Jackson’s daughter is covered with inked artwork. One of her tattoos honors her late dad, featuring a one-liner. Paris shares a bond with her father, who she praised for raising her the right way.

In a previous interview, she revealed that the late Jackson taught her how to be grounded, stepping away from the glitz and glamor and being humble. She is well aware that the values he instilled in her made her who she is today, making the tattoo tribute even more special.

According to Paris, she decided to cover her tattoos to give more focus to her Celine dress. While she loves her artwork and piercings, she is aware that it can be attention-grabbing. As she wore a piece of art herself, she wanted to add emphasis to its beauty by covering her tattoos.

During other occasions and in her Instagram posts, Paris Jackson often flaunts her tattoos. Previously, she rocked a sleeveless top that showed much of her inked work.