A second user said: “I think it makes perfect sense! He’s lucky to have you! You are a doll!!!!” A third one added: “So well said & spoken. I just don’t really have words for how cruel ppl can be. You & Scott are both beautiful humans & love that u found one another (sic).”

Another netizen commented: “It never fails to amaze me how sad and bitter people are to project their own insecurities and failures onto others.”

“The comments come from pure jealousy. People wanna be loved so badly and can’t handle it when someone else receives that. It’s sad (sic),” said another user.

Alicia said that for a long time, she pushed Scott away because she didn’t think she was worthy enough of his love. She further revealed:

“I spent many years feeling like I wasn’t worthy of many things. Happiness, a great career, the love for my partner. Scott has been my partner since we were 15 years old. His love has never changed for me.”

The TikToker mentioned that she wished for everyone to unlearn things and understand that their body had zero impact on who they are and how capable they are, which she believed was incredibly freeing as a human being.

The Mccarvells continue to share their love with the world, and their lovely relationship is proof that regardless of what someone says, what makes us beautiful is our loving heart and how we value and care for each other.

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