Monday, July 22

Lynda Carter, 71, Explains Why She Refuses Plastic Surgery: ‘I Am What I Am,’ she says

Lynda Carter says she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery despite 71 years old. The former Wonder Woman on television recently told Closer Weekly at the God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards in New York, “I’m just too afraid of looking different.”.

Because I’m happy with who I am, I won’t have surgery. The actress says she has had “a little Botox,” but she attributes her continued fitness to riding a Peloton bike. But she holds that genuine beauty, regardless of age, comes from within.

The mother of two continued with our complexity and solid inner selves, “We are still full-blooded women.”. “That’s the Wonder Woman aspect that appeals to people: the aspect of ourselves that is so potent that it creates life. We are the mothers of all humanity, as I like to say.

Between 1975 and 1979, Lynda played the title character in the television series Wonder Woman, and she gained a lot of insight into the strength of women in that role. Lynda stated, “Wonder Woman taught women to be themselves.”.

“I’ve received messages from people expressing how much she inspired them because she stands for an inner strength that every woman possesses. “.

If you watched Wonder Woman as a child, please pass this along to your friend; they might like it.