Monday, July 22

Johnny Depp Fans Are ‘Disgusted’ With His ‘Rotting’ Teeth At The Cannes

Johnny Depp is making headlines while at the Cannes Film Festival – but it isn’t just because of his movie, Jeanne Du Barry, which premiered during the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, May 16th. Unfortunately for the 59-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean alum, his appearance seemed to get even more social media attention than his movie, with his teeth in particular causing a huge stir online.

The Sweeney Todd actor has kept a low profile since winning his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard in 2022, with reports suggesting that he has been enjoying a quiet life at his 850-acre estate in Somerset instead of the U.S. However, he couldn’t resist making a quick stop off in France for the Cannes Film Festival in celebration of his new movie, which sees him portray King Louis XV; although we imagine he won’t be too pleased to find out what fans are saying about his appearance.

Depp’s appearance has been a hot topic of discussion over the past year or so, with some fans even saying that he looked more like Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne than himself when he was spotted signing autographs in New York back in October. And once again his appearance has caused concern among his fans and critics alike, with one taking to social media to say they were “disgusted” by his appearance. Yikes – they sure didn’t hold back!

Fans Comment On Johnny Depp’s ‘Rotting Teeth’ On Social Media

“Johnny Depp’s teeth are literally ROTTING,” one fan commented on Twitter, alongside a post featuring two pictures of the actor on the red carpet, one of which was an extremely closeup of his teeth. “Why do I have to see close-up pics of Johnny Depp’s teeth against my will?” someone else asked, while another harsh critic said, “Johnny Depp just looks like someone grabbed his teeth and painted them black.”

“Seeing that pic of Johnny Depp’s teeth on my [timeline]just ruined my mood. That’s enough Twitter for me,” said another Twitter user, while another quipped: “Well, at least he’s committed to staying in character for his next pirate movie.” “This should be considered bacterial biological warfare,” commented another, while many others thought they knew what was causing the condition of his teeth, with one writing: “Dude has been a tobacco smoker for his entire adult life so not surprising.”

Johnny Depp Gets Standing Ovation In Cannes

‘Rotting’ teeth aside, Depp’s French biographical drama couldn’t have got a better reception if it tried, with reports saying that he even received a seven-minute standing ovation after the premiere. Variety reported that he held back tears during the applause.

And the Edward Scissorhands actor’s fans also made themselves known the comments sections of social media posts about his teeth, with many of them writing positive things in an OK! Magazine Instagram post from May 18th. “Jeez negative negative trolling give the guy a break after all he’s been through,” one fan insisted, while another said, “Still love Johnny Depp,” followed by the hand praising emoji. “Wonderful talented actor! People need to just mind their own business.” Another chimed in: “Can people just admire him for who he is…he’s a great man, great father, and amazing actor! Not to mention a victim of physical abuse trying to live his life!”