Tuesday, May 28

Instead of throwing this old chest of drawers away, man saw potential in it and transformed it into a masterpiece

No one believes this is the same chest of drawers! 🤫🤐 The incredible transformation that will let no one stay indifferent! 🤫😇 See the makeover in this article! 👇👇👇


Today’s interesting story is about the makeover of the chest of drawers which left no one indifferent. Its initial state left a lot to be desired but the owners determined to give it a fresher and modern look.


The renovation process started with extensive cleaning, sanding and repairing. It took them months to gather all the necessary materials and finish the planning of the design. Later, the decorative touches were added to the top drawers.


Wood pulp was applied and a new veneer was acquired for the damaged countertop. Then, the attention was drawn to the inner drawers securing glazing beads and attaching handles.


The ultimate results turned out to be more than desirable. Have a look and share your opinion!