Tuesday, June 18

Instead of throwing a 1942 vanity table away, the man brought it back to life and turned into a modern piece of furniture

Others would throw it away, but he had other plans!  The master changed an old vanity table dating back to the 1940s beyond recognition!  He shared the before-and-after photos and stormed the Internet! This is what creativity is! See what it looks like now in this article!

Today’s interesting article is about the radical transformation of one vanity table dating back, believe it or not, to the 1940s. Its initial state left a lot to be desired and no single one believed it would ever be restored and brought back into life.

A dilemma appeared: to throw it away or renovate it giving a second chance to be utilized. The second option was chosen. The master desired to make it a modern piece of furniture but maintain its unique charm and vintage allure at the same time.

The first thing he did was to prepare his workspace and gather essential tools such as a sandpaper, paintbrushes and cleaning supplies. He also had to sand the surfaces in order to get the smooth texture and the most desirable results.

You should decide whether you want a natural wood look, a distressed finish or a bold color since it helps choosing the right paint. The item should also harmonize with other pieces of furniture and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the final results. The owners couldn’t find words to express their gratitude for such fantastic work. They all were left satisfied.