Thursday, May 30

«Inside Rambo’s family!» Let’s take a look into Stallone’s mansion where he once lived

The «Rocky» star showed the mansion he used to live in and stormed the network! 🧐😮 The legendary actor sold his house for $58M! 🤫😯See the photos of its interior in this article! 👇👇👇

The action movie actor, best-remembered for his role in «Rocky», resides in a luxury mansion with his beautiful family. Though it may seem that he has achieved tremendous success with no effort, the reality is a little bit different.


He has always had to combine his work and family which was far not the easiest thing to do. His path to success wasn’t smooth and he faced many difficulties and obstacles on his way. The mansion was built in 1994 by E. Granzbach and designed by R. Landry.


The property occupies around 3.5 acres in North Beverly Park and includes landscaped town, a spa, a huge swimming pool and an art studio. The «Rambo» star, however, decided to sell it for $54 M.


He then purchased a $35 million house in Palm Beach. Despite his tough characters, he is a soft and gentle family man, loyal husband and caring father. For over two decades his only love remained Jennifer Flavin.


The beautiful spouses have three charming daughters. They, however, had a son named Sage who, sadly, passed away in 2012 leaving the family in tears and sorrow.