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Husband Changes Locks and Throws Wife Out Thinking She Cheated – She Proves Him Wrong

A woman was surprised when her husband kicked her out of the house, thinking she cheated on him.
He changed the locks of their home and told his entire family of the woman’s alleged infidelity.
When he discovered the truth, he begged her to return home, but she didn’t think it was right.

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A woman shared her unbelievable story on Reddit to understand what she should do with her situation. She and her husband had only been married for less than a month when he accused her of cheating.

Two weeks into their marriage, the woman’s husband got a call from his brother that their mother got into an accident and had broken her hip. Their dad was backing up in the driveway without noticing her there and had hit her.

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Her Husband Accused Her of Having a Man Over
The woman’s mother-in-law needed a hip replacement and was in severe pain. The newlywed man decided to stay at his parent’s house for a couple of days to care for his mom while his wife stayed home due to work.

The husband then returned home as his wife was heading out for work. Before she could leave, he confronted her about why the entire apartment smelled like men’s cologne, but most especially their bedroom.

Confused, she didn’t think much of it because she had no idea what he meant. She told him she was running late and left without discussing things further. After the woman closed from work and went home, she discovered that her husband had changed the locks of their apartment.

She called and texted him several times, but he refused to answer. The woman had no choice but to drive to her mom’s place as she had nowhere else to go. She called her brother-in-law, and he explained that her husband didn’t want to speak to her.

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He Changed the Locks of Their Home
Later that day, the woman’s husband texted her that their marriage was over. “My husband has locked me out of our home thinking I cheated,” she said in disbelief. Her husband scolded her about having a man over while he was away.

He called her foul names, even accusing her of taking the other man to their bed while they were just newly married. To make matters worse, the man’s entire family knew of the situation.

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The man’s sick mother went so far as to demand her wedding band back, which cost them $19,000. The man’s mother also informed her that the annulment process would start quickly and that they’d send her belongings one of those days. The woman was stunned.

She couldn’t believe her husband discarded her.

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She was hurt, furious, and heartbroken. She couldn’t believe how a man she’d been with for five years could easily accuse her of cheating without proof. For hours, she tried to understand where the men’s cologne scent came from.

Initially, she thought it might have been from opening the windows during warm nights. Her phone blew up constantly from people’s angry messages. Her mother-in-law made sure to tell everyone what she’d supposedly done.

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She Finally Remembered Where the Scent Came From
Finally, she realized the scent came from the scented wipes she placed at the back of the fan in their bedroom. She’d cooked fish one night and knew her husband couldn’t bear the smell, so she put the wipes at the back of the fan to take the seafood’s smell away.

The woman told her husband to check the bathroom bin for the wipes packaging and the back of the fan for the wipes. On Friday morning, her husband was at the doorstep begging her forgiveness. Initially, she went back home with him. However, she couldn’t go back to being normal after what happened.

“If this wasn’t happening to me I would be laughing right now at the silliness of the whole thing. I can’t believe the man I spent 5 years loving could so easily think I could cheat,” the woman admitted.

She couldn’t believe her husband discarded her the way he did and ended things with text messages. To make matters worse, she couldn’t understand how quick it was for his family to spread the rumor like wildfire and ruin her reputation.

For days, her husband apologized to her, crying. A part of her wanted to forgive and forget, but she knew it wouldn’t be that easy. The damage had been done, and she felt betrayed.


The woman told her husband she’d move to her mom’s place for a while to think about what happened. She was too hurt, disgusted, and angry to live as if nothing happened.

After sharing her story on Reddit, the woman has yet to share an update on her decision. However, people on the internet encouraged her to leave her husband, especially since what happened showed her how he and his family saw her as a person.