Monday, July 22

How did Affleck let her go out in this? All eyes on the red carpet were on Jennifer Lopez’s half-naked body

The fans advised Jennifer Lopez to find a new stylist after her recent appearance! 😲🤯 Without a hint of embarrassment, the singer arrived in an open dress! 🧐

The appearance of J Lo in a black and white dress with an open stomach and back quickly made a splash among the fans. To say that she let everyone speechless with her provocative look is nothing to say.

Her first image was in a revealing dress with daring slits which hardly covered her private places. The deep neckline was to the navel and created a hint of provocation. The perfect complement to her look was her clutch and stylish hat.

The fact that she showed up without her husband raised many questions

«Ben is lucky to have her!», «Her stylists did a great job!», «I can hardly take my eyes off this hottie!», «If ageing, then only in this way», «She forgot her husband at home!»

«Without even a hint of embarrassment!», «It’s time to find a new stylist for her!», «I want to see the face of the person who designed this dress», «What an unsuccessful choice!».