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His father left when he was an infant and his mother was forced to look for a good job in another country, leaving him with his grandparents.

As a child, Pierce Brosnan’s father left him, and his mother was forced to move to another country and work hard so their family had money.

The actor eventually moved in with his mother, who supported and encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

Pierce is still a loving son who enjoys giving his mother flowers, walking with her by the hand, and telling her how much he loves her.

Hollywood icon Pierce Brosnan’s suave roles on both small and big screens have given him a reputation as the ultimate gentleman. Interestingly, his onscreen persona mirrors his real identity as a loving son to his mother and a proud father to his five children.

Now 69, Brosnan exudes a captivating charm that transcends action-packed blockbusters and heartwarming films. Fans are still amazed by his talent and how he hasn’t aged at all.

Pierce Brosnan attends the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Hollywood Reporter's Celebration of the 2020 Golden Globe Awards season and unveiling of the Golden Globe Ambassadors at Catch on November 14, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

Born as Pierce Brendan Brosnan on May 16, 1953, in County Meath, Ireland, the Irish-American actor has cemented his place in film history with his iconic portrayal of secret agent James Bond across multiple films.

Despite his enormous success in the glitzy world of showbiz—amassing vast wealth and receiving countless accolades—the charismatic actor’s proudest accomplishment is being a devoted son and father to his remarkable family.

Pierce’s Journey from Solitary Childhood to Stardom
In a 2020 interview, Brosnan disclosed that he grew up as an only child from a “fractured family” and spent most of his childhood in a small Irish town called Navan, under the care of his maternal grandparents.

At the age of four, he was mainly brought up by his grandparents when his mother, Mary May Smith, worked as a nurse, and his absent father, Thomas Brosnan, was a carpenter.

According to Brosnan, his father left when he was an infant and his mother was forced to work as a nurse in London, England, leaving him with his grandparents at the young age of four.

Being an only child, Brosnan faced challenges due to the absence of responsible adults who could provide him with guidance. He and Smith had minimal contact, recalling she only visited him in Navan twice annually.

Ultimately, Brosnan was left to fend for himself when his grandparents passed away. He moved into a lodging house belonging to a woman named Eileen, because his own relatives could no longer provide him with enough space in their place.

The lodging was located in a poor neighborhood, and he shared the upper floor with two men who worked at the mill and the bank. Brosnan recalled:

“The three lodgers stayed in a long room with iron beds with old mattresses. At the end of the room, there was my little bed, with a curtain around it, so the light wouldn’t shine in when the older guys came home.”

Brosnan not only had to deal with less-than-satisfactory lodging but also with a “strict school” run by Christian brothers. According to him, the brothers behaved rudely toward the students.

He claimed his experience with the school was “ugly” and he only felt shame instead of learning from the brothers, describing them as “dreadful human beings.”

But Brosnan’s life would later change when in 1964, he moved to East Lothian with Smith and her new husband before they relocated shortly to London. Despite moving out of Ireland at a young age, Brosnan felt content with his sweet and joyful reunion with his mom.

However, moving to a new country left him experiencing a huge culture shock. It was a dramatic departure from his Irish hometown, where he had a solitary childhood and received his rural education.

He recalled that he was academically challenged and needed to be more knowledgeable about what he wanted for his career path, as he found himself entangled in the English comprehensive school system.

Pierce Brosnan with his mother Mary May Smith attend the premiere of "The Ghost Writer" during the 60th Berlin International Film Festival at the Berlinale Palast on February 12, 2010, in Berlin, Germany. | Source: Getty Images

Art was a skill he excelled at, and upon leaving school, he carried a portfolio of drawings made from cardboard with him. Subsequently, he secured a position as a trainee commercial artist.

Even though he was a painter for a living, he couldn’t help but think about what other things he could do besides art, and that’s when he unexpectedly stumbled upon the idea of acting.

Brosnan said his new passion was supported by Smith, who encouraged him to follow his dreams, one of which was to make his own movies.

The actor recalled that as a child in Ireland, he was a fan of cowboys and westerns and he admired the late star Sydney Poitier’s film, “The Defiant Ones,” which became his most important film due to its captivating cinematic landscape.

Thus, while at Oval House, an off-West End theater, Brosnan casually walked by a fire-eating class and decided to join the workshop, after which he received an additional three years of training at the London Drama Centre. He said:

“I didn’t know what else to do except for painting. I joined the Oval House theatre and it was a wonderful education.”

Brosnan remembered his first production was an experimental version of “The Little Prince,” in which he played a 12-year-old character even though he was already 18. Since then, he was able to keep a steady job.

In 1975, he worked as an assistant stage manager at the York Theatre Royal, and within a year, Tennessee Williams, an American playwright, discovered him.

By the time the 1980s rolled around, Brosnan had catapulted to stardom in the entertainment industry. His star skyrocketed with his captivating performance in the 1982 TV series, “Remington Steele.”

Brosnan’s career has taken him to London and the United States, but he retains his Irish citizenship. He eventually had his own family, but that does not mean he has forgotten about his mother; instead, he has maintained their bond as time passes.

Although Brosnan only saw his mother on rare occasions as a child, he remained a devoted son to her. He never harbored any grudges toward her because he knew she was working tirelessly for a good cause. He stated:

“My mother was very courageous. She took the bold steps to go away and be a nurse in England. Basically wanting a better life for her and myself.”

For years, Brosnan missed his mom until she was able to take him back. He remains a grateful and loving son to this day, giving her flowers, walking with her by the hand, and expressing how much he loves her.

Brosnan occasionally visits his now-90-year-old mom, bringing her flowers and even taking her to lunch, which appears to be one of the activities that the mother-son duo often do together.

During these sweet and intimate outings, Brosnan and his fantastic mom don’t only showcase their tight relationship but they also display their perfect sense of fashion.

Pierce Brosnan and his mother Mary May Smith pose after the Zurich premiere of "A Long Way Down" at Kino Corso on February 11, 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland. | Source: Getty Images

In August 2014, Smith and her handsome son were spotted walking happily down Madison Avenue in New York City. They were on their way to a charming Italian restaurant for a lovely lunch.

The actor, being a true protective son, held his mother’s hand tightly as they crossed the street. The dynamic duo proudly displayed their graying hair and stylish looks on that sunny day.

Smith exuded elegance in a long-sleeved white shirt and red pencil skirt that fell just below her knee. She accessorized with a black waist belt, purse, golden necklace, and peep-toe heels.

Meanwhile, her son was a sight to behold looking dashing from every angle. His light blue shirt was neatly tucked into black trousers, and he completed his style with dark sunglasses and polished leather shoes.

In January 2019, the charming duo stepped out in Sloan Square in Chelsea, London, for another lunch date. Their outfits matched and were perfect for the cold weather.

Brosnan sported a stylish ensemble consisting of a navy blue fedora hat that matched his coat and neck scarf. He also wore black trousers and a pair of brown leather shoes.

Meanwhile, Smith donned a buttoned-down dark blue jacket, brown pants, and shiny black shoes. She accessorized with a bright-colored scarf wrapped around her neck.

Brosnan acted like a true gentleman by letting his mother put her left arm around his right arm. He was equipped for rain carrying an umbrella with him.

Smith is one of Brosnan’s most treasured women in his life, and he always treats her with extra care. The renowned star surprised him with a simple yet sweet present on her 89th birthday.

In April 2021, the Irish star appeared on Smith’s doorstep and gave her fresh flowers for her special day. He captured the sweet moment and shared the photo of his mom smiling on Instagram.

“You have given me the world with your love. All my love in return,” he stated and endearingly referred to the birthday celebrant as his “darling Mother May.”

Cherishing His Role as a Father
Brosnan cares for Smith as much as he cares for his own family. He recently reflected on his formative years, hoping his own family would never encounter the loneliness he felt then.

Brosnan is the proud father of five children. He was married to Australian actress Cassandra Harris for ten years before she died in 1991. They were parents to three children: daughter Charlotte and sons Sean and Christopher.

Christopher, the eldest, has worked as an assistant director, and at one point, Brosnan cut him off because of addiction problems. The have patched up since, and according to the actor, they now have “loving communication.”

Brosnan suffered a tragic loss when his daughter, Charlotte, an actress, died in 2013 at 41 due to ovarian cancer, the same illness that claimed Cassandra’s life.

Sean, their youngest son, has followed in his father’s footsteps as an actor. He is now a dad of two: daughter Marley May and son Jaxxon Elijah. His children make Brosnan a proud grandfather.

“Sean has the most beautiful daughter that I am grandpa too,” Brosnan said of granddaughter Marley May. He also gushed about his grandson, sharing an adorable photo of him sleeping peacefully on Instagram.

In 2001, Brosnan married journalist Keely Shaye Smith, his current wife, following the death of his ex-wife. The couple welcomed two children into the family: sons Dylan and Paris.

Dylan graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and is a member of the Raspberry Blonde band. He, like his father, is an actor in addition to his musical interests.

Paris, on the other hand, is a runway model. He has been in the fashion industry since 2017 and has worked with several high-end designers, including Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain.

The successes of his children reflect Brosnan and Keely’s successful parenting. Brosnan is proud of his role as a dad supporting his kids’ careers. The movie star remarked about his family:

“I cherish family very much. I cherish being a father.”

As a family man, he is protective of his brood, and his mother can attest to this. Pierce sought protection for himself and his family in October 2022 after a female stranger allegedly stalked them.

The concerned father claimed the woman stalked them outside their Malibu home on two occasions and that the woman would stalk them from a car.

According to his filed documents, the woman was also looking for another actor, Dick Van Dyke. At the time, local authorities granted Brosnan an emergency restraining order.

Brosnan remains a loving son and father. He couldn’t help but be grateful for his supportive mother as he reflected on his childhood life and his path to stardom; without her, he would never have achieved what he has today.

Although he didn’t have a perfect family during his childhood, he succeeded in creating his own ideal family unit. His loving actions demonstrate his willingness to do whatever it takes to protect his family from harm.