Monday, July 22

«Future supermodels!» This is what ex-spouses Klum’s and Seal’s children look like years later

It was in 2012 that Klum and Seal separated having three children together! 😮🧐Leni, Johan and Lou have already grown up and become beauties! 😍🫠See how they appear now in this article! 👇👇👇

It had been 9 years that supermodel H. Klum and singer Seal were married. During their marital life, the couple shared three kids who have already grown up. It is worth mentioning that Seal loved and accepted Klum’s daughter from her ex.

The appearance of the three children of the ex-couple resulted in mixed reactions. Some couldn’t find words to express their delight and pleasant surprise, while the others showed disbelief and disappointment.

«Are they adopted or what?», «Most importantly, they are absolutely happy and carefree!», «The exact copies of their father!», «They definitely didn’t hit the genetic jackpot», «Why are all they confused and insecure I wonder?».

«They took the best features from their parents!», «Each of them is unique!», «Future supermodels look like this!».