Tuesday, June 18

Family reveal John Cena’s act of kindness for Vietnam veteran that starts an unexpected movement online

John Cena is known for being an all-around good guy. The professional wrestler and actor has been known for how active he is in the Make-a-Wish foundation. Now, it seems like he has been doing some good deeds generally, too.

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A family just called John Cena the ‘kindest man’ around after he paid for their dad’s grocery bill in a random act of kindness. Charles “Bud” Phillips, a retired Vietnam veteran, was out getting his regular groceries at a store in Florida when he spotted John Cena in the checkout line.

“My dad was behind him in the checkout line,” says Stefanie Phillips, Charles’s daughter. “They were chatting, and John thanked my dad for his service [after] seeing his SeaBees hat. John secretly paid for all of his groceries,” she told the media. “My dad didn’t even know until he was being checked out and the cashier said, ‘John paid for your groceries.’ The bill was around $100.”


The retired veteran got a selfie with John Cena to commemorate the meeting as well, a picture he will surely cherish now all the more! The family shared the picture online to tell people about the kind gesture John Cena made!

While the gesture might seem small to some, it surely meant to a lot to Charles and his family. Stefania explained why it meant so much,”My dad is a retired Vietnam veteran [and] a widow. We lost my mom five years ago unexpectedly [after] they were married almost 50 years. So, as you can imagine, not too much these days make him smile as big as he did in that picture,” she said of her father’s selfie with John Cena. “That’s what so special about this moment. A simple act of kindness brightened his day. Along with his family seeing that smile on his face!”

Stefania also mentioned that Cena is a regular at that particular grocery store and has been known to be the “kindest man to everyone.”


After the selfie was posted of Charles and John on Reddit, people began recognizing Charles and realizing he had served in the same unit as their dads or granddad. The selfie caused a lot of veterans to reunite with one another as well; another silver lining from the entire thing.

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