Thursday, May 30

Emily Blunt blasted for calling waitress ‘enormous’ in resurfaced interview: ‘She’s a fatphobic unfunny mean girl’

Emily Blunt is under fire for a resurfaced interview in which she referred to a Chili’s waitress as “enormous.”

The actress, 40, was a guest on the UK’s “The Jonathan Ross Show” in September 2012 when she decided to share a story about how she dined at one of the chain restaurant’s locations in Louisiana while she was in town filming the movie “Looper.”

“The girl who was serving me was enormous,” Blunt told the namesake host. “I think she got freebie meals at Chili’s.”

Though Ross, 62, chimed in to note that there’s “nothing wrong with that,” he had previously quipped that “when you go to Chili’s, you can see why so many of [their] American friends are enormous.”

Emily Blunt
The actress made the remark when she was a guest on “The Jonathan Ross Show” in September 2012.
The Jonathan Ross Show

Mimicking the server’s Southern drawl, Bunt said the woman asked her, “Did anyone ever tell you you look a lot like Emily Blunt?”

“And I said, ‘I have heard that, yes,’” she recalled responding, to which the staffer then asked, “Are you Emily Blunt?”

After the “Devil Wears Prada” star confirmed her identity, she said the woman shrieked in excitement, “What are y’all doin here?!”

Emily Blunt
She shared a story about how she dined at one of the chain restaurant’s locations in Louisiana while she was in town filming the movie “Looper.”
Alan Markfield

The cringeworthy moment has come back to haunt Blunt, as outraged Twitter users are now branding her “fatphobic.”

“Emily Blunt being blatantly fatphobic wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card but here we are,” one critic posted alongside a clip of the moment.

“Ugh f–k Emily Blunt seriously was one of my fave actresses but turns out she’s a fatphobic unfunny mean girl who thinks it’s funny to point out the size of a server when it adds nothing to the story – for shame,” another dissenter added.

“I think she got freebie meals at Chili’s,” Blunt said of the waitress.
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“Scratch her off my crush list. WTF???,” “JFC Emily, we were rooting for you too. Smh,” “Why would she described [sic] her like that? That was so unnecessary” and “its so easy to tell when people honestly believe waitstaff are below them/lesser members of society” were just some of the remarks that followed.

The “Oppenheimer” star has since released a statement, telling Page Six her “jaw was on the floor” when she watched a video of her appearance.

“I’m appalled that I would say something so insensitive, hurtful and unrelated to whatever story I was trying to tell on a talk show,” Blunt lamented.

The longtime wife of John Krasinski has since apologized “for any hurt caused” by her comment.

“I’ve always considered myself someone who wouldn’t dream of upsetting anyone, so whatever possessed me to say anything like this in that moment is unrecognizable to me or anything I stand for,” she continued.

“And yet it happened, and I said it.”

The mother of two — who married actor John Krasinski in July 2010 — apologized “for any hurt caused” by her comment and acknowledged that she was “absolutely old enough to know better