Monday, July 22

Couple met online – their fourth date happened as she gave birth to her child

Everyone has a unique story of how they met, but it does not get any more novel than the story of young Alyssa and Max. The teenage girl did not expect to meet anyone online, let alone what transpired in the next few weeks.

Keep reading to know more about what happened!

When 19-year-old Alyssa Jane was 25 weeks pregnant, she decided she wanted to try out the world of online dating. She met Max on Tinder and the couple hit it off quickly. Max was a laid-back 25-year-old old and the sparks flew instantly.

“I didn’t want to lead anyone on, so I was being open and honest,” she says about divulging she’s pregnant early on. “I wanted them to know what they were getting into right off the bat,” she said. While Max said it was out of character for him, he said, “Normally I wouldn’t swipe right on a pregnant girl, but there was just something about her.”

The first date went pretty well and they soon found themselves making plans for the next one. After their third date, Max had to go out of town for a while and they decided when he was back Alyssa would pick him from the airport and they would have their fourth date.


That’s when things got a little wild. Alyssa had a doctor’s appointment before their fourth date when she found out her water had broken and that she was in labor. The teenager made some tough decisions.

She texted Max, she recalled, “I texted him and said I’m so sorry you’re going to have to find your own way home, I am stuck at the hospital, my waters have broken and he instantly said ok the second I get home I’m going to unpack and I’m going to come visit you.”

She shared what happened next. Max was there for her the entire time! She said, “My mum happened to be away on holiday and so Max continued stay with me for the entire week that I had contractions and every time I thought I was in labor he would bring me into the hospital and drive me back home — he took the whole week off work to stay with me.”


At the 35-week mark, Alyssa developed an infection and doctors shared that they would have to induce labor right away. Her mother, best friend, and Max were right by her side in the hospital.

Max was by her side throughout proving to be a rock throughout the situation. She said, “I was a little bit nervous because I was by myself, and I was also worried that — okay, yes I want him as a support person, but what if we end up breaking up in a week’s time?”

And surprisingly enough, Max embraced the role of being a dad to the little boy. Ollie was born and Max was by Alyssa’s side throughout the process, even when the little boy was in the NICU for a few days after his premature birth. Becuase of his constant presence, hospital staff confused him for the father and even allowed him to be in the maternity unit because of it. Alyssa recalled, “He didn’t protest when they did call him Dad,” adding, “He just went along with it.”


His willingness to be called ‘Dad’ at the hospital showed how committed her was to Alyssa and her son. After Alyssa was discharged from the hospital, Max even took a week off work to help care for the newborn baby. He helped Alyssa transition into motherhood by being by her side!

Now the couple are engaged to one another! And on top of that, the couple has welcomed another bundle of joy to their family; a little girl named Autumn.

The family now shares their lives and story with people on TikTok. One person commented on the story, “The nurses called it, he’s definitely the dad.” “Can we all share Max?! This is just the sweetest! I hope you marry this man someday!” exclaimed another person, while another wrote, “Girls don’t ever expect anything less! Max is the bar. Find yourselves a Max also!”

The couple has such a sweet story that inspires hope! What do you think of their unconventional courtship? Let us know in the comments!