Thursday, May 30

«Comfort overload!» One couple showed their tiny rural house and now everyone dreams of living there

The family took the risk and turned their ancient house into a fairytale mansion! 😮👏With a small budget and great motivation, they transformed their old house and stormed the network! 🔥🤯See the final results in this article! 👇👇👇


This family of four resides in a Finnish village just 24 miles from Turku. It consists of the husband, Jarkko, his wife, Maria and their two adorable sons. They live in an old log house which, believe it or not, was constructed back in the 1920s.


It is located in the midst of the tranquility of the mother nature. Surround by trees and the magic of the rural life, it has become a dream for absolutely everyone to live in.


Since the first days, they started renovation and changed the previosuly ordinary place into a comfy house where one could find everything for a proper life and comfort. They expanded the house to 140 sq. m. and created an additional living space.


It now has a living room, a kitchen, a workshop as well as two bedrooms.