Monday, July 22

Barely walking and hands are shaking: Rare appearance of 88-year-old Sophie Loren raised questions among the fans

This is what one of the cinema icons Loren looks like as a senior granny at 88 👀👀👀

In recent years, this film star has rarely attended any events, shows letting her fans miss their idol so much. Believe it or not, the iconic actress has turned 88. These days, she has made public appearance and surprised the fans.

She came as a guest together with her relatives who were constantly keeping their eye on her so that everything would be okay. Though she could hardly walk by herself, she warmly greeted her fans.

For such a remarkable event, she gave her preference to an elegant black suit complementing it with luxurious jewelry. Her gorgeously styled hair caught the special attention of her fans.

Some were saddened to see how much their favorite actress has changed during these years. Despite this, she looked good and was constantly smiling.

«She will always stay gorgeous, no matter what!», «How long did I sleep? How much she has changed so far!», «She will always stay true to her style!», «It is sad to see our idol get old».