Tuesday, June 18

Ageing is for supermodels too! This is how one of the most desirable 90s’ women has evolved over time

The once bombshell forgot about her age and showed her bikini body! 😮🔥 People double-checked Crawford’s age after these photos! 🧐🤔See the 57-year-old star’s figure in this article! 👇👇👇

These photos make an impression as if time has never passed for this iconic runway star. To look so attractive at 57 seems something unbelievable. To say that she looks absolutely fantastic for her age means nothing to say.

Paparazzi have lately been lucky to capture the once supermodel in a two-piece bikini on the shore. Her timeless beauty let none of her loyal fans remain indifferent. Despite some extra kilos, she, anyway, looked amazing.

A number of network users rushed to shower their idol with lots of nice compliments.

«Someone, please, tell her she is 57!», «Age is just a number for her», «How is this even possible to look so amazing at 57 I wonder?», «A forever beauty icon!».