Monday, July 22

«Again, she’s not indifferent to the young guy!» Cher left fans perplexed with her young romantic partner

«Dear, he’s your child’s age, stop it!»😠✋At the age of 77, Cher began dating a 37-year-old guy and caused hot discussions😲🫢You can see their love pictures in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Cher has always impressed society, but this time she went too far. Cher showed the whole world without a doubt that she began a love relationship at the age of 77 with the young singer Alexander Edwards, who is 37-years-old. After that, everyone started discussing them on the Internet.

These criticisms didn’t bother the unusual odd couple. They recently appeared on the red carpet together and attracted everyone’s attention. Cher chose a navy blue jumpsuit and jacket, and makeup enhanced her appearance.

Internet viewers noticed how they hugged and looked at each other tenderly. Many wrote that despite their age difference, the couple looked beautiful. Some were excited about this.

In an interview, Cher mentioned that they feel happy together. They seem to have a good relationship and critics are only jealous of them. What do you think of it? Share your opinions in the comments.