Tuesday, May 28

«About stripping, teen pregnancy and depression!» What happened to Anna Nicole after the tycoon passed away?

Do you remember young Anna who became the wife of an aged billionaire? 🤔😱How was the life of the model after James Howard’s passing? 🤫🧐For details – see the article! 👇👇👇

Talented Vasily Pukirev depicted an elderly groom and a youthful bride in his famous painting. Thus, he reflected one of the most talked-about and scandalous issues that we deal with today in our society.

We can see a similar case when model A. Nicole Smith and well-to-do James Howard Marshall II tied the knot. Their non-standard union and huge age difference became the subject of heated discussions.

Anna was raised in an impoverished family. Her goal was to find a wealthy suitor and become rich when she grew up. Eventually, she worked as a stripper to earn money after a teen pregnancy and a failed marriage.

Now, she was «fortunate enough» to meet the billionaire, a successful entrepreneur and co-owner of Koch Industries. He was captivated by Anna’s angelic beauty and even offered her patronage.

Anna could improve her appearance with surgery and gain popularity with his support. Believe it or not, she even became a model. It was in 1994 that they got married. Their union, however, didn’t last long as the man passed away 14 months later.

She, eventually, inherited a substantial fortune after the death of Marshall’s sole legal hair. Yet, her life was fraught with struggles and she even had to cope with depression.

Anna passed away at the age of 39. She also inherited a fortune from her third husband Howard Stern.